Tips On The Correct Use Of The Transparent Powder

Translucent powder is the last step of a makeup routine. Finish, remove the lighter light, soften and soften textures (such as fine lines, acne scars and dilated pores). Act like a layer of perfection, like a mini airbrush session for your face. The colorless powder adds nothing to the pigment, so no harmful effect, especially if it is used for retouching during the day. This is especially used to combine your makeup, for example when you have an irregular union between your redness and your bronzer. This gives perfect results, whatever your basic qualities.

Where to use it :

1. Apply by pressing with a sponge, a small thin layer under the eyes to correct concealment; This helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and to

prevent the effects that can lower the eyelids of the mask if absorbent creams are used.

2. With a coordinating brush and a round motion, apply on the side and under the nose, forehead and chin.

3. In the joints of your various makeup products, last step of your routine.

4. Touch the makeup look of day and night as needed.

Advantages of translucent powder

1. Helps to check fat eyelids

Women with oily skin usually have greasy eyes, making makeup almost impossible. Mascara and eyeliner, as the oil flows easily. To get rid of eyelids and colors, translucent powder is the solution. Licking your eyelids will also make your eyes fresh.

2. Help to highlight the cards

If you want your eyelashes to be full, you should consider using translucent powder. Apply with an eyebrow on the eyelids and shake the others in the eyelashes. Finish the display with a mask and you will see how to improve the appearance of your eyes.

3. Install the eyeliner

If you have problems with the eyeliner, you can repair it with a translucent powder. Apply a little on the eyelids and use a liquid eyeliner. This powder not only helps the design of the line, but also allows the eyeliner to continue using it. If necessary, you can also add a little powder to the eyeliner and enjoy it.

4. Increase the amount of lips

Having thick lips has always been a trend, but not everyone has it naturally, which is why this powder is a great thing to get without surgery. Apply some translucent powder and then lipstick. This not only makes you look at the content, but also brings a matte finish.

5. Fat zone

You can treat greasy areas with just a little bit of dust. The only thing you need is to apply a little on the greasy area, such as the nose, cheek and chin. This will help close open pores, thus reducing oil secretion in advance. This makeup will help your makeup stay perfect throughout the day and prevent sweating from building your skin. After these simple tips, you will definitely change your knee look into your best ally. Do you want to take the test?


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