Protein Powder Side Effects

Many are asking what the negative effects of the use of Whey Protein? This is similar to asking, what negative effects from eating rice? Because both protein and carbs are the same nutrients needed by the body. But keep in remember anything exaggeration is definitely not good for the body and will definitely have a negative impact, either excessive eating rice, drinking water, most vitamins, whey protein. Moreover, the excess substance hazards like nicotine, narcotics, and illicit drugs. But a strange, smoking the obvious disruptive remains heavily favored course? to consume whey protein that is clearly more beneficial than negative impact, a lot of people avoid? This question would be very funny if the Inquirer is smokers.
Protein Powder Side Effects
Of the many articles that we read it, we found that all of the articles (which many take from medical sources) agreed on several conclusions about the negative impact the use of whey protein has been proven in some cases. We will describe the impact of what and how a solution so that we can be spared from the impact of given however for those of us who are active exercise and body shaping protein very much have positive benefits and must be consumed

1. Negative impact on allergy sufferers

For those of you who are allergic to cow’s milk, then whey protein can have side effects like itching, inside spotty until diarrhea, the effects can be different for each person depending on the level of allergy the person. Anyone drinking just a little has happened to these side effects, there is that if a certain drinking recently felt the side effects. Or you could just be allergic to other substances contained in whey protein

2. The negative effects for patients with chronic diseases

Whey protein can negatively impact sufferers of liver and kidney function or diabetes (on some products that have a high carbohydrate content). But it’s not that whey protein can cause liver and kidney disease, if you do not have the disease, then the whey protein is safe for you to use.

3. The negative impact if used excessively

The actual condition in Indonesia for more relevant if talking about how not to a lack of protein, because most of the people of Indonesia trouble got quality due to lack of protein and high protein source in Indonesia. However, it’s good we also discourage the use of whey protein is excessive, especially for fitness mania. Regardless of whether there are still debated what impact the excess protein, naturally any nutritional advantages certainly have negative effects including whey protein, one of which is the excess whey protein can cause osteoporosis, given digestion/protein synthesis which contains many amino acids will take calcium from the bone.

4. Negative impacts if there are hazardous materials

On some brand of whey protein is usually there words “no banned substance use”, i.e. in the way there were no ingredients that were banned its release by the world health agencies such as the WHO, the food and drug watchdog agencies such as the FDA, and certainly FDA from Ministry of health of INDONESIA. But not all whey protein these writings there is especially a lot of whey protein sold retail and much cheap way from the brand hasn’t been assured of its quality.hs


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