Benefits Of PU Rattan Garden Furniture

Hard-wearing and long-lasting garden furniture is necessary for anyone looking to entertain in their garden or simply enjoy the beautiful outdoors (when our changeable UK weather permits it!). How can you be sure, however, that the rattan garden furniture you invest in is going to last long enough for you to get plenty of use out if it? The answer is to choose PU Rattan garden furniture.

Durable and Weather Resistant

PU rattan is one of the most durable and weather resistant materials currently available for garden furniture. To give you an idea of its durability, it helps to explain a little more about what PU rattan is made from. Rattan is originally a type of material made from woven wicker reeds, which are some of the strongest natural fibres available. Synthetic PU rattan takes the strength of natural rattan one step further by creating it from synthetic fibres, which are much more durable than the natural equivalent, and reinforcing and coating it with a powerful resin. The result is a super-strong material that resists all weather conditions, even the wettest British showers!

Easy to Care For

Even the most hard-wearing and steel-like rattan garden furniture is useless, though, unless it is easy to care for. After all, garden furniture is designed to be used and enjoyed, not to be cleaned and repaired every season! In addition to its durability, PU rattan is so easy to care for that it requires absolutely no maintenance. Any spills or stains can be easily wiped clean, and it’s designed to resist even the stickiest of fingers or muddiest of paws.

Lightweight and Comfortable

Durability and low-maintenance are paramount to how long-lasting an item of garden furniture is, but these important features come second to comfort and ease. Modern garden furniture has to be lightweight and comfortable so that every member of the family can use it, and our PU rattan furniture provides some of the highest levels of comfort available. Gone are the days of cumbersome cast iron garden furniture, our lightweight garden furniture sets are so comfortable that they can even be used for indoor living, such as in conservatories or reception rooms.

Endlessly Stylish

Contemporary gardens and living spaces need contemporary pieces of furniture that are endlessly stylish. There’s nothing worse than ruining your carefully designed outdoor or indoor spaces with some ragged items of garden furniture! Timeless style is a requirement of garden furniture that our luxury range surpasses. Available in some of the most sumptuous and contemporary designs, each item in our range will look equally stunning in traditional landscaped settings and ultra-modern roof terraces.

All of our garden furniture sets and outdoor suites are made from an incredible synthetic PU rattan material, which outlasts natural wicker alternatives. If you are searching for garden furniture with all of the benefits of PU rattan garden furniture, you need look no further than our stunning styles.

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