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Men’s fashion or in Indonesian is often referred to as fashion or fashion, a dress or dress style popularly worn by men in a culture. The term fashion itself is more likely to reflect women but it does not mean there is no particular fashion popular from time to time among men. Precisely, fashion travel and dress up among men also evolved from time to time. Not infrequently, men also pay attention to the latest men’s fashion information, through online and men’s fashion magazines.

Batik Fabric Sale

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In the 50’s, men began to notice the world of fashion, especially starting in the 1950s. At that time, the name of Elvis Presley soared as a legend of the King of Pop who helped enliven the fashion choices in those days. The nuances of rock ‘n rock a la Elvis Presley so affect men in those days. With a wide collar shirt, long wide cut pants at the bottom and crested hair, men will be said to be fashionable at the time!

Fashion men of the 60s and 70s, this era not only affect the American continent but also arrived in Indonesia. In the period of a decade after the independence of the Republic of Indonesia, Indonesian men began to know fashion. In those days, popular men’s outfits were cotton or cotton cutbray trousers and super-tight shirts were also patterned! If you do not wear a shirt then men will love wearing a tight shirt or polo shirt which is then combined with loafers shoes, derby, sports shoes and sunglasses.

Fashion men in the 80s and 90s marked with a shirt or polo shirt sized more loose but seen junkies. Warkop DKI movie so affect the style of men’s clothing that time. Pants that are often worn men is baggy pants, the pants opposite of cutbray.

Fashion millennium men, yes, the 2000s until now is a period so rapidly changing from time to time. Now, men’s shirts are much more modern with some models impressed metrosexual. Now, men do not even hesitate to wear V-neck shirts, slim-fit pants and carrying a clutch. Information flow is getting tighter to make men’s fashion changes increasingly diverse and influenced by the fashion world.

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