8 Tips for applying Makeup the basis of perfection

Many women have a love-hate relationship with a makeup base. We are happy to be able to create a perfect and flawless skin appearance. But most of the time we hate to see that we wear it. For this reason we explain how to apply the makeup base correctly, but keep in mind that it is important to have a makeup base that looks natural. First, you must find the right foundation for your skin. The Super balanced Silk Wide Spectrum Makeup SPF 15 balances the skin, with ultra-fine texture and SPF protection. Let the skin look perfect, as if you won’t wear makeup. Its coverage is very natural and gives a matte finish. It is best: keep the skin “balanced”, help control fat and shine in areas with a greater tendency to fat, such as the T zone, while providing continuous hydration throughout the day, but only in areas where it is needed Then, in this questionnaire you can find more formulas for your skin type. The next thing is knowing how the professional makeup base applies. We know that! In this post you can find all the tips to get the perfect foundation.

1. Start with a perfect face

Your makeup base will only look like skin, if you maintain beautiful skin, for this the right beauty routine is the key. Just before applying the foundation, it is important to clean the skin well to help prevent pores from clogging and to remove dirt that might block your natural light. Next, you should gently exfoliate the skin to remove dead cells that can make the skin uneven or scaly. Finally, you have to apply a moisturizer, the makeup base melts better on the hydrated skin. (Think about how a wet sponge absorbs water more easily than a dry sponge.) For the correct beauty routine, check all the boxes of the 3-Step System for skin care. Here’s how to adjust one for you.

2. Take time to prepare

Okay, it’s true that preparation can add additional steps to your makeup routine, but this is a way to make sure your foundation looks perfect, because it turns your skin into a very smooth surface. If you have skin problems such as redness, glowing or uneven pigmentation, applying preparations to correct imperfections and helping to tone your tone, will make your skin look much more real.

3. Be careful

Always start by applying a small amount of basic makeup and then adding it again until you have the correct coverage. The goal is to apply makeup only where you need it, so that your skin looks natural. And let’s face it: there’s nothing worse than ending with a face hardened by a makeup base. (Fraud and advice: if you have to apply it to the entire face, you are using the wrong tone).

4. Work from the center of the face

Concentrate the makeup base in the center of your face where redness and spots tend to be more problematic and visible. Apply a brush on each side of the nose, in the middle of the forehead and chin, then blur and spread the covering over the outside. “After expanding all makeup, identify other areas of the face where spots appear and apply another layer of makeup to the specific area,” suggested Florrie White, Clinique Color Pro.

5. Press lightly, do not rub.

Whether you use a brush for makeup (which has synthetic hair is the best) or fingertips, use foundation in a bandaged movement with a slight touch. Avoid any movement that you rub the skin, because this way, you move the base of the makeup and you can make marks in stripes. “I like to gently press the base of the makeup on the skin, the heat of the fingertips helps the skin and the base of the makeup to melt,” Florrie said. Another option: Foundation Buff Brush for basic makeup, because it softly smooths the base on the skin, and can therefore be used with liquid formulas, loose powders, creams or sticks.

6. Don’t forget your ears!

We often miss the ear which is also part of the face. If you tend to have red color, gently brush the makeup base on it so that they blend in with facial coloring.

7. Apply and you will not notice that you are wearing it

Most people associate the powder with a matte look with an artificial look, but applying fixative powders like Blended Loose Powder will ensure that the makeup will not move, and you will soften the final result. Dip a large and smooth powder brush into the powder then touch or shake the brush once to remove excess products. You must be able to see the filament brush through dust. Gently treat your entire face, use more amounts in areas where you usually shine, such as the T zone, chin or under the eyes, only if needed.

8. Apply concealer only if needed

If there are areas where makeup is not enough, such as dark circles, red dots or pimples, apply concealer to them, then mix with your skin makeup and base. One of our likes: Airbrush Concealer because it also has optical diffusers and illuminators that provide benefits that function to accentuate the facial contours.

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