7 Phases to Organize Your Marriage

This is a long and demanding process, but, most importantly, entertaining. If you don’t know where to start, here we propose a score with 7 phases that will facilitate the task. And remember that good planning is important so you don’t get overwhelmed, so we recommend that you enter our Work Agenda so that there is nothing left for chance.

1. Select the estimated date and style

The date is important to be able to rent all the services they need and ensure they find availability in the place where they want to get married, especially if it’s in a crowded season. That is why as soon as possible they must set an estimated date for marriage, and determine what kind of ceremony they will celebrate; big or intimate, day or night, in a city or country, and so on.

2. How much will we spend?

Preparing a budget is very important to manage yourself and avoid last-minute surprises. As such, they will be clear about how much money they have for each item and, even if they spend a little more or less, the budget will not go out of control. On the other hand, if parents will collaborate to some extent, for example, assuming gold rings are spent, it is time to tell them. And be careful, the budget will affect everything from determining the number of guests, to relying on one or another type of menu. Don’t forget to check our budget, to take orders for each of your expenses.

3. Determine who does what

Divide the task is the best way to start organizing, by clarifying who will do what. The bride, for example, besides worrying about the appearance of her bride, can take care of decoration details, such as choosing flowers, cotillion and centerpieces, as well as having a wedding rug and souvenirs purchased. The groom, for his part, can take care of the recruitment of photographers, renting out vehicles that will move them and determine everything to do with music and event lighting. However, there are also tasks that can be taken together, such as choosing a menu for banquets, distributing tables – our table managers will help them with this task – and review honeymoon destinations, among other things. The aim is that they work both individually and together.

4. Procedures for civilians and the Church

If they decide to marry only with civilians, they will most likely want to perform a ceremony at an event center or in their own home. If so, they must be informed of legal issues to be able to celebrate the exit link from the Civil Registry. They must also choose their witnesses, with whom they must determine the previous procedure, called Manifestasi, at the Civil Registry office, a few days before the ceremony. Conversely, if what they want is also religious marriage, there are several related protocols, such as sending copies of baptismal certificates, participating in premarital talks, which are usually four sessions – and appointing their witnesses.

5. Party, venue and photographer

Brunch, buffet, cocktail or traditional style dinner? First, they must decide what kind of banquet they want to offer in their marriage and then, choose a place to hold the event, whether it is a big house, a village house, a lounge, a beach or a big hotel. For this reason, they must consider the guest list they have budgeted, because the choice of place will depend on it. And after having this item clear, they must order as soon as possible, because demand is very high. There is an event center that has all services including, from food to music. But if you don’t choose a place that includes this service, you must see beforehand for catering that meets your needs.

6. Costume and appearance of groom and woman

If you want to get beautiful for your wedding, it is recommended that, at least eight months before the date, start exercising and maintain a healthy diet. Between the sixth and fourth months, the bride must start revising the wardrobe, with a clear decision about whether she wants something classic or, conversely, if she prefers to go for a short wedding dress to make a difference. Once the dress is set, you can continue, choosing shoes, jewelry, makeup, bouquet and hairstyle. The groom, for his part, must also quote costumes. And this is a time when they have to decide whether they will unite their appearance with a certain color; That is, if a bouquet of lilac flowers, human botonier must also.

7. Ring process and wedding party

Determining whether they will be a white gold ring or whether they will choose a silver ring is not an easy task, because in the market you will find many choices. In fact, alliances from other metals such as titanium or bronze. Of course, during this stage it is important that they also decide parties to the marriage; what design they want for them, how much budget they have and when they will send invitations. This task can take a long time, especially if you want to reflect your style at the wedding, design it yourself under the concept of DIY (do it yourself). Remember that, if you want to send it online, don’t forget to check out our effective guest manager, who will save a lot of time and avoid unexpected complications.

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