Tips For a Lasting Marriage Without Big Problems

He made one of the most important decisions of his life: getting married. But beware, before the launch took a calculator and make sure you do not reach the altar without the euro on the account. Download the latest edition of The Economist Consumo When it comes to organizing a wedding a lot of details to consider and a lot of expenses that have to face. According to a study conducted by the Federation of Independent Users and Consumers (fucus), it is estimated that the average cost of any type of party for 100 guests varied in 2014 between 11,864 and 21,205 euros, with an average of 16,534 euros this represents a significant improvement over the previous year. The banquet is the main cost because it represents half of the total bill. In 2014, average expenses covered between 75 and 100 euros, to which must be added music and an open bar, at around 790 euros on average, although many establishments offer this service at no extra cost.

Groom suits are other important elements of the budget. A woman takes between 525 to 1,650 euros, the amount needed to add shoes, complementary underwear, makeup, hairstyle and bouquet. For this, the budget must be reserved between 350 and 700 euros, provided that the luxury company or haute couture is not selected. This makes the bride leave the house for the ceremony with an average expenditure of 1,605 euros. groom range of clothes between 375 and 780 euros, but if you decide to costumes a great signature, the budget could exceed 1200 euros. In this case, you can choose to rent a morning coat, a jacket and a tie that can reach around 90 euros. Invitations could be around 200 euros, depending on the type of paper, although the digital wedding invitation more widely used. The details of the wedding, the flowers stand out – between 200 and 300 euro, the photograph of the report – berbahan between 900 and 1500 euros and a gift for the guests – about 450 euro.

The honeymoon is the second most difficult game. The costs vary, of course, depending on the destination and duration of the selected, although it is difficult to find a few days of rest for less than 1,150 euros per couple.

By the autonomous community

The Fuci study also extrapolated data on average costs as a function of autonomy. The economic situation of each of them has been clearly reflected  in the ranking, they understand where the purchasing power of citizens a little better.

Different and original ideas

If you have reached the moment when you need help because a lot of details to overcome and has not stopped chatting with your partner, be sure to visit married Candela, the new platform has been presented to provide all girlfriends of direct sales of their brands, essential goods and services are must miss the day of the wedding.

On May 30, the historic three-story building located in Arrando 40 Madrid Street welcomes this initiative – the most unique Pop Up Store in Spain dedicated exclusively to the world of marriage and the idea is to have a biennale – which aims to launch a new trend in 2015 in this sector and offered different and original ideas for each wedding different from all the others. You can buy all the products: from gift to the bride and groom put the wedding list, custom design boots, tasting cakes and the most beautiful, ordered a wedding dress with initials, choose a jacket and tie for a girlfriend, child costumes, costume guests, request ring or godparent’s hat.

Another way that is easy and fun to organize a wedding can by different applications like Tubodamovil, the wedding you want … Thanks to them, you can organize a wedding with your own identity, which reflects the essence of the couple : create unique custom invitations in a wide range of materials, format and techniques, upload photos from mobile phones …

But determined to be original and if you want to share ideas with other grooms, WeddCam’s social wedding network is the perfect platform. Having a search engine to find the best company to organize all the details, you can send invitations and have a group that deals with all the important information … and one big day you can climb the most beautiful pictures to mark both the guest and the society that allows everything to be perfect. He also has promotions.


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