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How Much the Masters in Nursing Education Salary?

Masters In Nursing Education Salary

Masters in nursing education salary is balanced with their work. Nowadays, nursing education becomes the popular majors in the world. Many people choose this major for their high education. Working in the nursing academy is interesting. Everyone can learn about how to care others. However, there are many people to who are not interested in this field. So, for you who are interested in studying in this field, the information about nursing education salary is relevant.

What is the job description of masters in nursing education in the University?

In the Nursing education, there are several relevant sections. There is a head of a department, vice, secretary, treasurer, and others. Later, each section will also be responsible for teaching prospective nurses who are competent and skilled in their fields. The task they do is of course quite a lot. Train someone to be able to care for someone else who is sick is not as easy as imagined. So, masters in nursing education pay are based on their job description.

For example, the leader of nursing education academy has some important jobs. Firstly, they should organize and coordinate academic and professional activities in nursing courses. Then, they should be responsible for the stages of an educational process, research, and community service to achieve the National Standard of Education, Research, and Community Service. So, how about masters of science in nursing education salary?

The salary of Masters in Nursing Education in Some Countries

The masters degree in nursing education salary in around the world has many differences. For example, in America, the United States implements a high standard of salary for the nursing profession. Based on US employment statistics in 2016, registered nurse (RN) Registered average salary was USD 66,640 per year. The amount of salary is determined by education and work experience. Nursing education in the United States there are three levels namely nursing undergraduate, three nursing diplomas, and two nursing diplomas.

Then, the salary of nurses in Norway averages around 44,900 Kron Norway or about. In addition to the standard requirements for foreign workers, the Norwegian Ministry of Health applies the requirements to be Master Norwegian. And, the average registered nurse working in the UK gets a salary ranging from GBP 24,963 a year. The amount of salary received based on the experience and qualifications of the nurse. The country that also offers high salaries for nurse workers is Canada. The average nurse salary is registered in the country around CAD 59,783 a year per January 2017 data. Foreign nurse, the requirement must pass NCLEX exam for the registered nurse. So, it can be said that salary for master in nursing education is so high in the world. For the nurse salary is high, how about the master? That is entirely higher.

Working in the health sector does have its impression. Lots of experience is to be gained. Especially for those who already hold a master’s degree. Remember, the salary is big enough. So, you can be a master of nursing education to know more about masters in nursing education salary.